Schack Unique V ‘Wall-E’

  • Schack Unique
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Project Description

Schack Unique V

  • flamed maple body
  • walnut top
  • maple neck
  • ebony fretboard
  • 24 frets + 0. fret
  • ebony nut
  • Schack Basstec Soapbars SB-50
  • Schack BC-3P, active 3-band-elektronic (18V)
  • semiparametric EQ
  • Schaller & ETS Hardware
  • hardware finish: satin chrome
  • satin finish
  • screwless Back-Design
  • CNF (covered neck fixing)-System
  • magnetic wooden covers
  • price: 3.990€


Warm and strong bass, focused, kind of moody mids and crispy treble. Over all it sound very organic, non aggressive and offers a lot of warm sound variations just by using the blend knob.

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