Schack Unique V ‘Ethan Farmer’

  • Schack Unique V
    Schack Unique V
  • Schack Unique V
    Schack Unique V
  • Schack Unique V
    Schack Unique V
  • 20160115-7768
  • 20160115-7811
  • 20160115-7795
  • 20160115-7785-bearbeitet

Project Description

Schack Unique V

  • flamed ash body
  • flamed maple neck
  • ebony fretboard
  • 24 frets + 0. fret
  • ebony nut
  • Bartolini PickUps
  • Schack BC-3P, active 3-band-elektronic (18V)
  • semiparametric EQ
  • Schaller & ETS Hardware
  • hardware finish: black
  • black burst highgloss finish


Provides very slap-friendly, fast attack, focused bottom end, strong & growly mids with a lot of brightness on the top end


Ethan Farmer also known as “EBASSMAN”, is an American bassist, and played on the releases of Grammy Award-winning artists including Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics), Sean Combs (Press Play) and Janet Jackson (Live in Hawaii), among other artists, in addition to touring with The Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block.[1] He’s also worked with Babyface, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Lionel Richie, Nicole Scherzinger, Patti LaBelle and Rock N Roll Hall inductee Chip Shearin in the Avengers, in addition to others, on numerous studio sessions and tour dates. In addition, he has released a solo album, Wine & Strings and Wine & Strings 2.0. ”

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