Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Let's have a closer look on the physical advantages of carbon and how we use it in our instruments.

What is Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fibers are fibers with only a few micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms. It comes along with lots of positiv properties that have made carbon fiber very popular in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports.

The Properties

high stiffness

high tensile strength

low weight

high temperature tolerance

low thermal reaction

high chemical resistance

Why do we use Carbon Fiber Reinforcements?

We've decided to use carbon fiber reinforcements in our necks to improve the neck characteristics of your intsrument. We could reduce the weight, increase the stiffness and optimize the proper frequency of the neck. This brings a lot of advantages for you like a well balanced instrument, allthough the probability for deadspots is already very low due to the way construct and build our instruments, the usage of our carbon fiber neck reinforcement narrows it down to zero and makes your bass more resistant against climatic fluctuations.

Schack Carbon Details
Schack Carbon B2 V body

Carbon in our history

As one of the first companies using carbon as a material for the neck we are now working for more than 30 years with carbon as a component in our instruments. So we are very familiar with the material and we know how to usefully apply it.

The Advantages

Better Sound

Radiant Tone

Improved Response

Faster attack

More Brilliance

Higher Climatic Resistance

One step closer

Please notice that choosing carbon for your instrument is only one of the many parts that influence the sound of your instrument. But it could bring you one step closer to the sound you're looking for.

How do we use the carbon rods?

The carbon fiber rods are placed under the fretboard left and right besides the trussrod. We experimented with different combinations, dimensions and positions of carbon fiber rods to bring out the best results. We've chosen different sizes of carbon rods for 4-, 5- and 6-string bass guitars or electric guitars. But besides the size of the rods, we use different positions and we combine massive and hollow rods. Every variation is specifically attuned to the single instrument to provide the best tone quality.

Schack N-Finty xray carbon fiber reinforcement

Our N-Finity comes with carbon fiber reinforcement as standard. For our other models you can choose it as an additional option.