• "this job is pure passion''

Nico Schack

masterluthier in 2nd generation

From an objective point of view instruments are tools to make music with. However, in my eyes an instrument is much more than just an instrument. To me an instrument is an expression of the art as well as the personality of an individual musician. To perform and create without limitations and boundaries. An instrument that responds to what the musician is doing is both rewarding and encouraging, makes the artist want to play more, express themself freely and enables them to play better and support and inspires their creativity. Therefore an instrument has to have great handling, easy playability and a versatile, open sound that gives the artist the freedom to be himself. To build great instruments it takes creativity, the right tools, high skills, knowledge, experience and passion - the same as it takes to be a great musician. The passion that I'm driven by is to make every bass guitar I build to be the best that I've ever made and to fulfill the high requirements of each individual player as best as I can. To achieve this, I consistently strive for new ideas, improvements and develop adjustments here and there, welcome evolution and growth and persistently pursue my way forward. Driven by improvement.

Hi, my name is Nico Schack. I'm a master luthier and I design and build guitars and in the main bass guitars in my workshop located in Hammersbach, Germany, since 2006. Schack Guitars was originally founded by my father in 1981, six years before I was born. So I grew up between workbenches & sawdust and with curious eyes whilst watching the luthiers at their work which inspired me to begin my own first experiments with wooden handcrafts. A couple of years later I became more serious about it as I was driven by the love for Rock music. I founded my first band but didn't own an electric guitar at this time. However, it came to be that by the age of 14 I had built my first electric guitar under the guidance of Andreas Cuntz, who was a master luthier at Schack Guitars at the time. Andreas placed great emphasis on care and precision and so, even it was my very first guitar, it is so well made that I love to play it even today. During my career education at the famous school for lutherie in Mittenwald I gained expertise and studied the ancient tradtion of lutherie. Although the foundation of my knowledge I gained from my father who also passed on his huge amount of experience to me and guided me from the beginning till the end of my career education and beyond. He tought me all the basics and the necessary skills that meanwhile became my daily routine and my second nature. As I continued my education to become a master luthier I gained even more specialist knowledge and expanded on my already applied expertise which I had to proof in the neccessary examinations. Today I'm glad and thankful to look back on many company innovations but more than that I enjoy expressing myself through my work everyday.